Valium – Anti Anxiety Medication

In a fast paced world full of stress, Anti Anxiety Medication has become more and more prevalent, but one of the most important questions to be asked is, what kinds of medication are available on the market for subduing anxiety, and which one is the best for me? The best answer is to look at some of the medications individually, in order to understand them better and therefore make a more educated decision. Keep in mind that all of these drugs are not available to the public without a prescription from a physician and that typically none of them are taken for a period of longer than 2-3 weeks, unless otherwise directed by a physician.

Diazepam, Valium, Valpam & Antenex

These four drugs are basically the same drug, and have all of the same benefits. This neurological medication was originally marketed as Valium, or as Owen Wilson’s character ‘Gil’ told Zelda Fitzgerald in the film “Midnight in Paris”, “It’s the pill of the future.” This small pill does a lot of good work for a huge host of medical issues and has varying effectiveness in many of the following ailments including and not limited to reduction of anxiety disorders, agitation and panic attacks, treatment of neuroses, reducing or alleviating insomnia for brief periods, and as a treatment for seizures both generalized and epileptic. It has a calming effect on muscle spasms usually resulting from trauma and restless leg syndrome, and is helpful in reducing and soothing muscle tremors associated with alcohol withdrawal and certain drug withdrawals. It is sometimes used in treating tetanus, cerebral palsy and paraplegia as well as Ménière’s disease. It is a sedative and an anticonvulsant, and it is sometimes used as an amnesia inducing drug for shortened periods of time such as just before a surgery. This drug is also used by the United States military in field operations where the soldiers may need sedation prior to transportation or surgery. A drug that can do all of that is something of a wonder drug.

These anti-anxiety medications are a great help to those who suffer from anxiety. Causes for anxiety are wide ranging but are by and large contributed to the stresses of work, school, financial issues, personal relationships, emotional trauma, medical illness, or addictions to drugs and alcohol. Whilst it doesn’t solve the problems behind the stress and anxiety, the medication does dissipate much of the tension built up from having to deal with any of these life experiences and it can give the person suffering through those ordeals some mental reprieve and a more peaceful mind so that practical solutions can be sought and applied to remove the situations causing the stress. Having the calm presence of mind is a huge step forward in being able to deal with the issues that cause the problems.

Stress can be a major contributing factor to sleep deprivation, as can restless leg syndrome and panic attacks. Diazepam, Valium, Valpam & Antenex can be hugely helpful in aiding those people who toss and turn for all these and many other reasons, to finally get some rest. They relax muscles and relieve tension, interacting with chemicals in the brain and drawing one into a state of subconscious restfulness. These anxiolytic medications are simultaneously reducing the effects of stress, easing strain in muscle and bone, and producing a healthy sleeping cycle from which a person awakes rested.

Other options for anti-anxiety are beta-blockers, which are better suited for those battling high blood pressure and heart conditions, but for most people trying to combat anxiety, beta-blockers are a bad idea because they slow a person down; it’s like trying to live in slow motion, and while that could be helpful for people with stress, it’s probable that the stress was caused by a stressful lifestyle, a lifestyle that is busy, committed and doesn’t have the time or capability to slow down to a crawl.

Anti-depressants don’t work well for anxiety and stress because they can only be taken at specific intervals during a 24 hour time frame, which reduces their effectiveness, particularly when there are moments of high tension when relief is needed immediately. Also, the benefits of anti-depressants aren’t even realized when the drug is first introduced into the human body because it takes a month to a month and a half for the drug to integrate itself into the body’s systems and begin to work.

When anxiety becomes overwhelming and relief is needed immediately, it’s Diazepam that will reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety within half an hour, relaxing muscles and eliminating tension, and minimizing all the possibility of other effects that stress and muscle tension have on the body, like migraines and ulcers.

Some important guidelines to be mindful of when going through anything requiring the use of these drugs are these: first, have patience. It takes time for medication to make a difference and changing a lifestyle to reduce the cause of the stress can take a while, but change is inevitable and it always comes. Second, don’t take other drugs or drink alcoholic beverages while taking these medications. It’s a recipe for disaster that could be lethal. Lastly, be mindful of your body’s reaction to the drugs and make sure you understand what the normal reactions are. If anything unusual comes up, talk to your doctor about it.

While it’s useful and helpful to have an anti anxiety medication to help a person make it through anxious times and stressful situations, it is good to remember that these drugs are a temporary aid for relief from underlying issues which are causing the problems in the first place and must be dealt with. These pharmaceuticals are not a permanent fix and should not be taken as such. The most important aspect in reducing the triggers of stress and anxiety is to remove those triggers and effect a lifestyle change that will create a more relaxed and stress-free environment, but in the interim, when coping with the high tension and emotional strain of dealing with the situations that cause anxiety, these medications are a beneficial and effective tool.

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